Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet Nora

Hi, meet my new doll Nora, I took a Gritty Arts Clay doll workshop. She has a cloth body with a clay head, had so much fun sculpting Nora's face, she seemed to just come alive. I so happy with the way she turned out and just love the vintage look. I think I'm hooked on sculpting Dolls! Look OUT!!! LOL
Nora is for sale in my ETSY Salesroom


ginger said...

Hi Tami, I'm not sure there's anything that relates to dolls that you couldn't do if you wanted to. You've got a real gift for it. I'm impressed with your clay doll. I look forward to seeing what you do next!

Dolls N Dreams said...

Hi Ginger, thank you so much!

kassie said...

Hi Tami, Quote"I think I am hooked on sculpting Dolls! Look out!!!" LOL
Too funny! Your dolls is awesome! The colors are wonderful. You should be proud!!!
hugs kassie

All Bear said...

She's lovely Tami! It's fun isn't it!!!!