Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery for Tiffani

I have not posted in awhile and have not been designing bears for

about the last 3 weeks. My little Tiffani tore her acl and we had the

TTA surgery on Monday. The poor sweety, she tore the acl in the

left leg last year . Thank goodness she only has 2 back legs. She is

doing great and her soft cast comes off tomorrow. It is a slow healing

process, no stairs, jumping, running for 6 weeks.

I hope to get back to bears very soon. Tiff says Hi!


customteddys said...

What a little sweetie. Hope she's better very soon. Hugs from Vicki

AngelMc said...

awwwh, what a sweetie, give her a kiss on that cute little puppy nose for me. i have missed you.

For The Love Of A Teddy Bear said...

That poor pup, she even looks sad...big hugs to her and I'm glad your back!! I missed looking at your new masterpieces....hugs, Jennifer

Laura Lynn said...

Awwww! Poor Tiffani and Momma too! Sending hugs from Chicago - Laura Lynn, Cleo, Athena, Isis, Pandora & Squirt

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Tamy!! I left you a blog award, come pick it up!!! hugs, Jennifer