Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hotel Colorado

I was going through some boxes in our basement this last weekend and came across a teddy bear my husband purchased for me during our stay at the famous Hotel Colorado, in Glenwood Springs Colorado back in 2000....brought back some wonderful memories......It is a wonderful place to visit and the hot springs feel sooooooooo good. And best of all, lots of Teddy Bears!
In 1905, Hotel Colorado became the temporary home for the President of the United States and his assistants during a three-week bear hunting expedition. Already a fan of the state of Colorado, Roosevelt stayed at the Hotel Colorado on multiple occasions. On a three-week trip in January 1901, the Vice-President hunted mountain lion on the Keystone Ranch near Meeker. It was reported by his guide that Colonel Roosevelt hung over a cliff to shoot a wounded lion between the eyes. Roosevelt’s first trip to Glenwood Springs delighted him so much that he returned year after year.
According to legend, the world's most irresistible toy, the teddy bear, received its birth at Hotel Colorado. To cheer Theodore Roosevelt after an unsuccessful day of hunting, Hotel Colorado maids presented him with a stuffed bear pieced together with scraps of fine material. Later, when he did bag a bear, his daughter Alyce admired it saying, "I will call it Teddy." The term caught on and became the name for the world's most popular toy, the Teddy Bear.

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Kelly said...

I used to love doing the bear show up there. I wish they still had it. It was really fun to see your post and remember staying there.

Hugs, Kelly